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James & Matt working in the studio w/ Tad
Song List
Songs Written by James Lincoln
Mildly Interested -tab
Feel Good Girlfriend -tab
Absolutely -tab
Less Than Perfect Man -tab
Waikiki -tab
Zhang Ziyi -tab -Song Page
The Cancer Song -tab
Romance on the Fly -tab
Awrasa -tab
Eyes On You (acoustic) -tab
Everything Is Free (acoustic) -tab
Cloudy Day (TEMP) -tab
Song For Nobody (TEMP) -tab
A Girl Who (TEMP) -tab

Complete Song Lyrics

Romance on the Fly Clip
Uncut Conversation with Awrasa
Nerd's Night In (cover) -tab
The Saga Begins (cover) -tab
Runaway (cover) -notes
Acoustic Awrasa Clip 1
Acoustic Awrasa Clip 2

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