**More Info**

**SECRET SHOW 5-25**

Filthy Rich Kids go on 3:00pm, but the party is from 1pm to 10pm....?!!!!

Its a pool party so bring your bathing suits

And check it out here are some better directions:
**More Info**

TAKE the 5 South till you're
70 miles south of irvine.
Exit ROSECRANS, go straight.
4 or 5 lights then.
Lytton becomes CHATSWORTH.
Stick to the left, (dont accidently fork off)
then go RIGHT on ZOLA (near the High School)
take Zola to a T intersection
Turn RIGHT on Polermo.
address 2430 Polermo.

Call em if you're lost:
619-255-6655 or 619-459-4594

**Party Time**

Just tell the door guys you are with *$ TFRK $*
and you're in.

-james, TFRK
$$ www.filthyrichkids.com $$
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