Matt Adams - Drums, Vocals, Studio MagicMatt Adams - Drums, Vocals, Studio Magic
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Nicks: Super Matt, Matty-made

Born: March 12, 1981

Low Down:
- Matt is a contributing artist to MAD Magazine's "Monroe" Comic Strip
- playing in numerous bands including part the clouds, dirdy birdy, and his own band The Blank Tapes
- Also plays bass, piano, organ, mandolin, banjo, red kazoo, and especially guitar
- currently unemployed
- is a Pisces

Listens to (presently): Little Wings, the Graves, the Kinks, and Matt McCluer.

Likes: going places, skating hills, trees.

Hates: the mexican dude in the picture below who was givimg me too much tequila

B A C K John James Concert Pics