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Mail Bag Best of the Mail Bag

From Andras Jones in response of my cover of one of his songs.
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 10:25:12 -0700 From: "Andras Jones"
Subject: RE: Dear Mr. Previous


Thanks a lot.

I downloaded the song and dig it immensely.

It will take a little while but I will place it on my website soon.

Where are you based out of?



I especially liked this one:

Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 02:27:15 
From: Antti Lindström 
Subject: Whee. Ziyi, whatever =D



Never guessed that a Guy from Finland would visit your homepage eh? Well I kinda found it by Ziyi as a search word in Google. I was actually looking some picture material for photomanips whatsoever, anyway, I liked your bands style 'n' some of your tabs. (hee, specially the Ziyi song) ...The pics from your first Gig looked good. We have every summer our own "rising star" festivals here in my home town called Forssa (the bigger town, pop. 20000) / Jokioinen (my actual hometown, someone would describe it as a sub-urb. some 5k+ people) ( / (something is also published in english, like tourism info for example ;) ) ) for artists that have skills and they are willing to perform for nothing. (We pay for the Gas if they come far away) ...I was just wondering that if you ever happen to come to Finland (as irrational as it may sound =D) you get a Gig on our festival, that's guaranteed.

Funny co-incidence that was noticed was that the name of this festival, "Risteys" is finnish and means Crossroads, that was also the name for your Homepage front page...

Anyway, keep up the good spirit, Good guys never lose =D
Antti Lindström