James Lincoln - Guitar Vocals SongwriterJames Lincoln - Guitar Vocals Songwriter
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Nicks: Pames, B, Mr. Lincoln

Born: June 19, 1981

Low Down:
- "Hi, my name's James, and I sing and play
guitar in a band called The Filthy Rich Kids."

- teaches HS Physics on the side (BS UCLA)
- has his Masters Ed, getting Masters Physics
- speaks Spanish, and modest Cantonese
- is a competitive distance runner
- has a black belt in Shotokan Karate

- chicken burritos (account for > 50% of meals)
- Pina Coladas, yum...the best ones are in...
- Oahu, Hawaii
- Zhang Ziyi
- Sharks, JAWS (both the video game & film)
- The Legend of Zelda (original)

- M*A*S*H
- flaky flakes
- people who impress their morality upon you
- fake smiles, especially is-there-something-in-my-teeth ones

Listens to:
=w=, weird al, local bands, throw away pop

B A C K John Matt Concert Pics