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Filthy Rich Kids FAQ

Filthily AskedQuestions

Q:  Where are you Filthy Rich Kids from?
A: Southern California, specifically Newport Beach,
however we play a lot of LA shows.

Q:  How do I get on the mailing list for shows, parties, etc..?
A:  Contact us here - ask to be added to the list.

Q:  How did you choose the name?
We were for a short time called The Rich Kids,
which was a joke about our hometown. But James disliked it
because it sounded like we were gloating. He came up with a list of other names
- all of which sucked - then jokingly suggested The FILTHY Rich Kids.
Matt liked it right away, and because he was running an open mic, he began introducing
James as "James of the Filthy Rich Kids." ... There was no turning back.

Q:  So...Are you guys single?
A: None of the boys go steady cuz it wouldn't be right
to leave your best girl home on a Saturday Night.  

Q:  When was the band started?
A:  Our first show was on April 27, 2002
Then we recorded our first demo, Zhang Ziyi on April 30.
Johnny joined the band in May 2002, and more demos were recorded.
Our first show as a three-piece was on Oct 23, 2002.

Q:   Are you Filthy Rich or Filthy and Rich?
A:  Buy the album.

Q:   But I dont have any money?
A:  That's not exactly a question.

Q:   What I meant to ask was, "How do I order a demo or merchandise?"
A:  This webpage should answer all your questions.
If it doesn't, then contact the band, we'll hook you up.

Q:  Who do you sound like, or influenced you?
Primarily Weezer and "Weird" Al Yankovic for content, stylistically - oldies.

Q:  What kind of Music are you guys?
A: Emo-Comedy Rock. Music written such that you are somewhere between
laughing at, and feeling sorry for the singer - in a good way.  

Q:   Can you play at my Birthday / Bahmitzvah / Bachelorette Party?
A:  Shure.

Q:   Why are you sleeping with my girlfriend?
A:  I could ask you the same thing.